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May 13, 2019

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Barbour County Conservation District Small Farmers Meeting and Tour

18 Nern Street, Clayton, AL 36061

Opening Remarks and Welcome
Natural Resources Conservation Service Program Information
Farm Service Agency Farm Programs
Soil Sampling
Depart for on-site tour
Hoop House Crops, Vegetable Production, and Plastic Culture
Equipment Demonstrations
Quincey Banks SWCD Small Farmer Liaison
John Curtis NRCS, DC
Dave Carpenter FSA, CED
Allie Corcoran ACES, Co Agent
Quincey Banks
Tilmor Representative*.

18 Nern Street
Clayton, AL 36061

Carol Threatt
(334) 775-3266

Crop Production; Farming; Forestry & Wildlife; Lawn & Garden; Livestock; Poultry; Urban Extension