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August 10, 2020

Alabama’s Newest Tree Pest: identification and control of Hemlock Woolly Adelgid

Online, AL

On August 10th, the Alabama Cooperative Extension System will conduct a webinar meeting to announce the newest discovered insect tree pest in Alabama, the hemlock woolly adelgid, and its associated management. Hemlock trees can be found in several counties across the state, including portions of northeast Alabama, the Bankhead National Forest, and Birmingham. Hemlock trees are often highly valued in the landscape as a tall-growing, shade-tolerant, ornamental, evergreens.

The presentation provided by Alabama Extension Community Forestry Specialist, Dr. Beau Brodbeck will provide a great opportunity for landowners and managers to learn about this new pest as well as the control measures that will be necessary to maintain planted or natural hemlock trees on their properties. Learn how to identify hemlock woolly adelgid and how to ensure hemlock tree health through carefully planned and applied insecticide applications. It is important to note that trees left untreated are left with a high risk of infestation and mortality. Correctly treating valued hemlocks is important to maintain their health.

This meeting is available through Zoom with on-line access and via telephone. Those who attend by telephone will not be able to view presentation slides but will be able to hear all speakers and participate in the question and answer session if they wish. This webinar will be recorded for later viewing for those who attend by phone or are otherwise unable to attend.

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