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What is TMI?

  • TMI is the acronym for Teens Making Impact.
  • TMI was created to empower youth ages 9-18 in group settings with the skills they need to make wise decisions and to help them become productive citizens. 
  • The 5-session series includes soft skills such as job interviewing, effective communication, community service projects, civic education, business etiquette, nutrition & physical fitness, and other emerging citizenship issues.
  • TMI graduates are also eligible to attend the Teens and Tweens Empowerment Conference held annually on Alabama A&M University’s campus.

TMI helps teens to:

  • Improve life coping skills for personal growth and development to meet daily challenges
  • Develop decision-making skills
  • Increase interpersonal skills
  • Improve academically
  • Enhance cultural awareness
  • Improve leadership skills
  • Promote wellness

As a result of participating in TMI activities, youth gain knowledge and skills that will positively impact their lives and prepare them for the future in any walk of life.

TMI Program Requirements

Upon enrollment youth agree to do the following:

  • Participate in five interactive lessons with an Extension Educator
  • Complete enrollment forms including pre/post assessment
  • Participate in all group activities such as role play, food demonstrations, and group presentations
  • Participate in a community service project

Program Series Lessons

Life Choices lessons

Life Choices – An exploration of character traits, decision making and problem-solving exercises, and practical interactive approaches to help youth turn problems into positive solutions
Health and Physical Fitness – Personalized approaches to healthy eating and physical fitness using the United States Department of Agriculture’s MyPyramid
Etiquette – Etiquette and grace for minding your manners in social settings and at mealtime
Career Focus – Real-world simulations and practical exercises to familiarize teens with various career options and workforce preparation tips, including interest assessments and interview skills Civic Education-A focus on civic engagement, understanding citizenship, government and community-based service
Community Service – Fosters an understanding of “giving back” to the community

TNT EmPOWERment Conference

The Teens and Tweens (TNT) EmPOWERment Conference is the statewide culminating event of TMI that is held on the campus of Alabama A&M University each year in late June. Youth and adults attend a series of workshops by professional speakers and engage in other enriching activities. The objectives of the Teens and Tweens EmPOWERment Conference are to:

  • Provide quality leadership and learning experiences for youth
  • Provide opportunities for youth to gain knowledge about college life and career choices
  • Develop decision-making and problem-solving skills
  • Provide opportunities for youth to develop self-esteem and social skills
  • Recognize and reward youth for their participation in the TMI program

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