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A group of seven diverse high schools students smile for the camera: 53% of people who abuse prescription drugs get them from friends and family. Be Aware. Don't Share. Lock Your Meds. www.lockyourmeds.org/pledge

Coordinated by the Association of Extension Administrators, all nineteen 1890 land-grant institutions are participating in the Lock Your Meds® campaign, working to promote awareness of the proper handling and disposal of prescription medications. Alabama Extension’s Urban Affair and New Nontraditional Programs unit is the Extension outreach component of Alabama A&M University, an 1890 land-grant institution. Our Urban Extension programs have added lessons to educate the public on the effects prescription drugs have on our environment, food supply, communities, and our families.

Take the Pledge

Take the lock your meds pledge. The pledge asks participants to secure meds from unwanted users, take regular inventory of medication, to safely dispose of unused or expired meds, to teach children about the adverse effects of drugs, and to encourage others to take a stand against drug abuse.

Prescription Drug Disposal Box

Find a prescription drug disposal box near you with the online DEA Diversion App

The misuse of prescription medicines has been an on-going problem for many years and it is getting worse. When unused or expired drugs are disposed of incorrectly, they can end up in water supplies, local landfills, or in nearby garbage cans where people, including children and teens, can easily find them. Help us keep our environment clean and our community safe. Properly dispose of your unused prescription medications. Drug disposal is easy and anonymous with your local disposal box.

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