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Astronaut in Space

4-H Goes to Space Camp

Space Exploration! How would you like to be a space explorer yourself? Well, you can take a first step in that journey March 20-22 in a special opportunity for young people in 4-H. Alabama 4-H partners with the U.S. Space and Rocket Center to offer a special 4-H Pathfinder camp at SPACE CAMP and you can be part of it. Camp session details and also how to register are provided at 4-H Pathfinder.

4-H Pathfinder

4-H Pathfinder  is exclusively offered for youth in 4-H (ages 9 to 18). Adult chaperones are welcomed, but they must be 4-H agents accompanying students attending the program, 4-H approved volunteer leaders, or parents of children attending the program. Lodging is provided in onsite habitats March 20–21 for all participants. Adults and children will not be assigned rooms together. SPACE CAMP provides paid staff counselors who will guide participants during the camp including oversight in the evenings.

Nursing staff will also be provided during this program. For the safety of trainees, all medications must be turned in to the nursing staff upon arrival. In addition, medications will be administered by SPACE CAMP nurses. The 4-H Pathfinder program will follow Space Camp’s week-long camp policies regarding sick bay and turning in medications. Click here for more information about sick bay and medication policies.

Youth in 4-H across Alabama are invited to consider this unique opportunity. Register early as a limited number of slots will be available. Youth in 4-H in other states are welcomed as well. The camp fee of $299 per person includes lodging, meals, materials, program costs, a special t-shirt, a full schedule of Space Camp activities including a simulated space mission, and much more.

To learn more about details of the camp and to register please go to 4-H Pathfinder.  We hope to see you there as we explore space together.

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