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a group of middle school youth play team soccer with official 4-H Health Rocks!® logo.

A curriculum designed to reduce tobacco, alcohol, and drug use among youth ages 8-14.

What is Urban 4-H Health Rocks!®?

  • Urban 4-H Health Rocks!® is a program designed to reduce tobacco, alcohol, and drug use among youth ages 8-14.
  • Health Rocks!® is a national 4-H curriculum implemented in Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington, and West Virginia (2017-2018).

What are the goals of Urban 4-H Health Rocks!®?

  • Reduce youth smoking and tobacco use.
  • Help youth build life skills that lead to healthy
    lifestyle choices.
  • Engage youth and adults in partnerships to develop and implement community strategies to reduce smoking and other substance abuses.
  • Build positive enduring relationships with youth, involved as full partners, to address at-risk behaviors
    of youth.

A teenager in jeans and canvas shoes standing on asphalt road with choice of Yes, Maybe, No. Concept of standing at the crossroads unable to make a decision.

What to expect:

  • Easy-to-use curriculum style
  • Each activity is 30-45 minutes in length
  • Interactive hands-on learning
  • Can be used in 4-H clubs, after-school settings, classrooms and more
  • Meets National Health Education Standards

The Health Rocks!® curriculum focuses on three general areas:

  • All about me
    • Learn how drugs affect behavior and the health consequences of drug use
    • Learn and practice decision-making skills
    • Understand stress and learn how to relieve it
  • What influences me?
    • Learn skills to resist risky behaviors
    • Learn how family, peers, media and technology
      influence choices
  • Taking it beyond me
    • Share the message with the community
    • Commit to and celebrate being drug-free

Six pre-teen friends running in a park, front view, close up

Ways to be Involved

  • Contact the local 4-H extension office
  • Request trainings
  • Ask about incentives
  • Tailor the program to your needs
  • Run the program through  your organization

Impacts & Reports

Contact Us

Call or email us to reserve a Health Rocks!® session for your school, group or organization.

State Office

Alabama A&M University

Dr. Angela Williams
Office: (256) 372-5713
Email: arw0033@aces.edu



Alabama Extension. More in our cities

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