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The Alabama Cooperative Extension System at Auburn University along with the Alabama Green Industry Training Center, and the Alabama Pesticide Safety Education Program host a biennial training conference called the Pesticide Applicators University or PAU.

Here are some of the most common questions about PAU along with the answers. Let us know if there is a question you have that is not on this list and we will work to find the answer for you.

When is the next PAU?

The next PAU will be November 8-10, 2020. Details for the event are coming soon.

Where can I find information about the PAU?

Monitor our website for publications and follow us on our Social Media for the latest tweets and posts.

How long does the PAU last?

Currently, the PAU is two days with a full first day and ending on the second day around noon. Future events could change depending on the development of the program.

How often can I go to the PAU?

The PAU is offered every other year. You can attend every time it is offered.

What Categories do you cover?

At this time we offer:

  • Aquatic-Public Health (AQ/PH)
  • Household Pest Control – Industrial Pest Control (HPC/IIHC)
  • Ornamental and Turf Pest Control (OTPS/OTPC)
  • Wood Destroying Organisms (WDO)

How many points can I get?

We strive to offer a total of 30 points per event. However, you should remember that points must be approved by the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries and points may vary at an event or for any given track.

Can I get points for other states?

Yes, we work with other states to offer points that are valid for your license and their requirements. Each state determines how many points they will allow you to earn, what licenses they will be applied towards and has their own process to submit the points. We have had points available for Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina and Tennessee.

Do I have to sign-in and sign-out of PAU?

Yes, the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries is available to scan you in and out for your Alabama points. Make sure to bring your permits with you to the event. Other states have specific sign-in sheets they require. There is normally a table set up with those sheets. Please sign-in before the day begins.  You may need to sign-out before lunch and back in and out for the day.

What can I expect to do at PAU?

Classes have many different styles. Some classes are lecture style, some are hands-on training, and some are field trip with hands-on and some lecture.

What are some of the things I can expect to learn?

Participants learn about insect identification, product selection and management, IPM and calibration. We also try to inform you about relevant and new information in the fields.

  • Sample Classes from 2015: Building Construction Basics, Household Pest Identification Workshop, Weeds Workshops in Turfgrass for OTPC, Calibration and Pesticide Management in Aquatic Settings.  Field Trip to the AU Basketball Arena for School IPM Hands-on.
  • Sample Classes from 2016: Professionalism and Marketing your Business, New Turfgrass Products and Formulations, Identifying and Controlling Bedbugs, Identifying and Controlling Cockroaches. Field trips: Pest ID and Control walking Tour of the Robert Trent Jones Golf Course. Mosquito Collection, ID and Control Measures, Calibration of Mosquito Equipment and Application, AU Aquatics Field Trip.  Inspections and IPM, AU Basketball Arena Field Trip
  • Sample Classes from 2018: Respirators; what you need to know, Hoarding Buried Alive; Controlling Pests When a Client is a Hoarder. Managing Brown Recluse Spiders in Structures. Dehumidifiers and Pest Control. Field trips: Weed ID Hands-On Study with Seeded Samples and Sprayer Demo Calibration. Hands-On Aquatic Calibration and Application Methods and Mosquito Quest VR Demo. Sprayer Foam Insulation Demo and Inspection in Homes.

Are there tests available to take at the PAU?

We have in offered specific tests upon request in the past. This is something that is potentially available and you should contact our team to see if it is possible to do this. There is a process that must be gone through in order for this to be approved by the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries.

Can I buy study materials at the PAU?

We do not currently offer study material for sale at the PAU. However, that is a great idea. We will look into it!

Do I need to register ahead of time for the PAU?

Early registration means you get a break in the full cost of our event. The pricing increases as it gets closer to the event. At this point you can register on the first day of the event, but be aware this could change for future PAU’s. In the past, our host hotel has had room blocks available at a special cost for your stay. We recommend you reserve your room as soon as possible in order to ensure you can stay in the same hotel as our PAU.

How many people come to the PAU?

We have hosted from 200 to 300 people at any given event.

Is there a cap on registering for a specific event?

At this time there is no cap for registration. Be aware that depending on what events are offered for any given track, it is possible we may have to institute a cap for a particular class.  The best option is register early to avoid any issues. There can sometimes be a cap for specific field trips due to the space available on the buses.


PAU Programs Throughout the Years

PAU Programs Throughout the Years


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