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Alabama 4-H WHEP; bird on log

The Wildlife Habitat Education Program (WHEP) is a hands-on natural resources program that is dedicated to teaching wildlife and fisheries habitat management to junior and senior level (ages 9-18) 4-H and FFA youth across the United States.

WHEP is the only national youth program that teaches wildlife and fish habitat management with a scientifically-based curriculum created and managed by wildlife and fisheries professionals. By studying the WHEP manual, participants:

  • Learn wildlife terms and concepts
  • Learn about wildlife habitat
  • Learn how to judge the quality of wildlife habitat
  • Learn about wildlife habitat management practices
  • Learn about wildlife damage management

The program provides participants with an opportunity to test their knowledge in state competitions, where teams of 3-4 similarly aged individuals gather. The winning senior (14-18 years of age) WHEP team from each state earns the right to attend the annual National WHEP Contest, typically held the last full week of July. The national contest moves to a different state each year.

Download a printable PDF of 4HYD-2415 WHEP Manual and Study Guide.

Contact your county 4-H agent for local opportunities.

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