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Paddling is a great way to experience Alabama’s abundant water resources, while enjoying quality time with friends and family and getting exercise.

state of Alabama map of Alabama 4-H RiverKids

Youth ages 9-18 are invited to participate in the 4-H RiverKids Program to learn basic paddling skills, water safety, and more about outdoor recreation. In 2017, RiverKids paddled 182 miles of Alabama freshwater.

By working closely with our partner, Alabama Scenic River Trail Association (ASRT), our goal is to increase the use of Alabama’s waterways, increase the knowledge and awareness of environmental and resource management issues, and incorporate service projects into our fun.

Under the statewide framework, the program has grown from the grassroots level in 28 counties as 37 certified instructors, 10 certified assistants, and 16 certified volunteers have worked with community partners to implement RiverKids activities and events using 4-H delivery modes.

Contact your county 4-H agent for local opportunities.

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