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Alabama 4-H Raptor Trek; image of Science School bird

The Alabama 4-H Science School presents Alabama’s premier bird of prey experience. This program allows children and adults to experience and learn about a collection of Alabama’s native species of raptors through a conservation-based presentation. Meet our collection of non-releasable raptors and learn about the circumstances that brought these avian educational ambassadors into our care. Also learn how people can take steps to help protect these native species.

The birds of prey that call the Alabama 4-H Center their roost are all here for a specific reason. Car injuries, physiological causes, and human interaction have made these birds unreleasable. However, they still have an important job! They travel to schools and communities to share their stories to promote conservation while educating people about Alabama’s native avian species.

For more information, visit the Alabama 4-H Science School website or call (205) 669-4241.

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