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Senior adult on the telephone holding a credit card

Grandparent scams cause older adults to lose millions each year. This imposter scheme involves a person who pretends to be a loved one who is sick or in trouble in order to deceive the person being called. Some common things you can do to protect yourself from becoming a victim are given in the following video.



Content below reflects the text in the graphics of the video:

  • Phone Scams: “Grandpa, I’m in the hospital. Please, send money.”
  • Phone Scams: “Grandma, I’m stuck overseas. I need help! Send money.”
  • Here are a few things to remember.
  • Do not act immediately!
  • Ask questions only you and your relative can answer.
  • Check the story with family members and friends
  • Do not keep it a secret!
  • Never send cash, gift cards, wire transfers, or money grams.
  • Avoid grandparent phone scams.
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