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ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY, Ala.—More in our cities is a marketing campaign of the Alabama Cooperative Extension System at Alabama A&M University (AAMU). This year, the campaign will use native and mobile conquesting ads to expand audience reach among people ages 25 to 50 in urban areas. The campaign also plans to increase audience participation in Urban Extension programming using popular digital platforms like Facebook, Zoom and the Alabama Extension website.

What is Urban Extension?

Urban Extension is a national term used by the Cooperative Extension System. It describes educational products and services targeted at urban and suburban audiences. It’s important for Alabama Extension to provide resources to reach diverse populations, including people in highly populated communities. Alabama Extension at AAMU is working with an outside marketing firm to accomplish this objective.

What We Offer

The Alabama Cooperative Extension System has a long history of serving communities across the state. While the organization still helps farmers in the field, it also delivers reliable information on various digital platforms. For example, online users have access to apps, videoconferences, social media sites and webpages. The website allows users to read or download educational content in multiple languages.

People of all ages can use smartphones, laptops, or tablets to register for online classes and to download website content. Users can also view videos or engage in interactive activities. A popular course is available showing how to use Zoom for the digitally challenged. The good news is that most of these resources are free.

Free Resources

“As a federal and state-funded organization, many of the educational resources that the Alabama Cooperative Extension System offers are free. This phase of the More in our cities marketing campaign will introduce Alabama Extension at AAMU to new audiences, and potentially reach the next generation of Extension users,” said Allen Malone, 1890 Extension administrator.


Visit www.aces.edu/urban to learn more about the More in our cities campaign and what programs and services Alabama Extension at AAMU has to offer.

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