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ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY, Ala.—The United States Congress and the President reached a temporary deal to reopen federal offices. What happens when a shutdown occurs? The recent government shutdown impacted more than 53,000 workers and countless families in the state of Alabama. The good news is many public and private organizations provide special assistance to federal employees when a shutdown occurs.

Where To Find Help

The Alabama Department of Labor encourages federal employees to apply for unemployment benefits when a shutdown occurs. Visit www.labor.alabama.gov or call 1-866-234-5382 for more information.

Note: It is possible that disbursed state unemployment fees will have to be repaid if workers receive back pay.

Check your financial institution to see if they provide low-interest loans for federal employees with special repayment options.

MyFedBenefits features a list of restaurants, utility companies, retailers, and other local organizations that offer services for federal employees. Visit https://myfedbenefitshelp.com/assistance-programs-for-federal-employees-furlough-during-the-government-shutdown/. Click on the image of your state, or search by state to find local resources and other information.

Alabama Extension also offers financial publications and other resources that will help you and your family to navigate troubled financial waters. Visit us online at www.aces.edu or call your local county Extension office for more information.

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