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ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY, Ala.—Ten Alabama universities received a grant to address food insecurity among college students in the state. Auburn University’s Hunger Solutions Institute will administer the grant over a two-year period. The funding will support efforts of the Alabama Campus Coalition for Basic Needs. The Coalition is comprised of representatives from Alabama A&M University, Alabama State University, Auburn University, Jacksonville State University, Troy University, Tuskegee University, University of Alabama, University of Alabama at Birmingham, University of North Alabama, and the University of South Alabama.

Each university representative will develop a “Basic Needs Coalition” on their campus or strengthen existing campus efforts around food insecurity.

“Being a part of the state coalition helps each university to share best practices and to support collective efforts that address the basic needs of Alabama students.  Alabama students deserve the opportunity to focus on their academic success without worrying about a basic need such as hunger,” said Andrea Morris, a health and nutrition specialist with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System.

Coalition Efforts

Morris initiated and facilitates the Basic Needs Coalition efforts on the Alabama A&M campus. Other campus members include: Japhe Jelks, Student Government Association; Samira Hopkinson, Miss Alabama A&M University; Kim Davis, Marketing, Communications and Advancement; Diann Greer, Office of Student Activities and Leadership Development; Kyla Pitcher, Office of Student Affairs; Carlquista Slay, Student Health and Wellness Center; Nadis Carlisle, Department of Public Safety; Felicia Wilson, Dining Services; and Kenyatta Walker, Department of Athletics.

Alabama A&M University president, Dr. Andrew Hugine, Jr., signed the Presidents United to Stop Hunger Commitment in support of this statewide initiative. AAMU campus representatives will not only address food insecurity, but housing, mental and physical health needs of AAMU students as well.

The ten Coalitions will develop an action plan that will commence by the summer of 2020. Pilot study results from each plan will enable researchers to develop best practices that will be shared with other educational institutions across the nation.

Contact Andrea Morris at (256) 372-8082 to learn more about this project.

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