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Alabama Extension at Auburn University Supplemental Nutrition Extension Assistance Program-Education (SNAP-Ed) uses an evidence based, multi-level approach to create a healthier population. To accomplish this mission, SNAP-Ed educators provided direct education to 43,137 individuals and facilitated 249 local policy, systems, and environmental changes reaching more than 120,000 people. In addition, SNAP-Ed targeted 674,500 eligible individuals through a statewide social marketing campaign. Each SNAP-Ed activity complements and builds upon the reach and effectiveness of others. This multi-level, comprehensive approach moves populations toward healthier choices and ultimately makes it easier for Alabamians to Live Well.

Components to a Comprehensive, Multi-level Approach

DIRECT EDUCATION – Nutrition and physical activity instruction

  • Conducted and evaluated Body Quest, a third-grade obesity prevention initiative
  • Conducted and evaluated Live Well Faith Communities, a faith community health initiative
  • Launched Eat Better, Move More, a nutrition and physical activity youth summer program

POLICY – A written statement involving passing laws, resolutions, mandates, ordinances, regulations, or rules

  • Improved farmers market hours of operation
  • Established guidelines for foods served in faith community meetings
  • Established a no sugar-sweetened beverage policy at a summer camp

SYSTEM – A change in processes and procedures within an organization

  • Created or enhanced healthy checkout areas in grocery stores
  • Facilitated donations of fresh fruits and vegetables at food pantries
  • Promoted gleaning at gardens to make fruits and vegetables available at food pantries

ENVIRONMENT – A change to the physical space

  • Increased shelf space for healthier foods and beverages in grocery stores
  • Initiated, reinvigorated, and sustained edible gardens

PROMOTION – A marketing strategy to increase appeal

  • Provided recipe demonstrations and tastings in food pantries
  • Expanded Good Choice to promote healthy foods and beverages in food retail outlets
  • Expanded Body Quest marketing campaign in school cafeterias
  • Launches physical activity promotion campaign in parks and trails in partnership with CDC ALProHealth high obesity grant

SOCIAL MARKETING – A collection of campaigns using a variety of media

  • Placed billboards to target SNAP-Ed eligible Alabamians with healthy eating and activity messages
  • Increased engagement for Live Well Alabama, Alabama SNAP-Ed at Auburn University’s social media campaign
  • Used text messaging to motivate parents of Body Quest and Eat Better, Move More youth

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