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Teaching in classroom

Kayla Shealy understands there’s a need for third graders in Calhoun County to receive proper nutrition education. During the 2019-2020 school year, Shealy, a SNAP-Ed educator in Calhoun County, taught 19 Body Quest classes across five elementary schools.

Body Quest is an innovative childhood obesity prevention initiative that empowers third graders and their parents to make healthier choices. Shealy taught Body Quest to 363 students at Weaver, Ohatchee, Piedmont, Wellborn, and Pleasant Valley Elementary Schools in Calhoun County this past year.

Shealy said the students’ enthusiasm and growth throughout the lessons makes it clear that Body Quest makes a difference. She said her favorite part of teaching Body Quest is seeing the students’ attitude change from the beginning of the class to the end.

“I would say that 80 percent of the students turn their nose up and don’t want anything to do with vegetables at the beginning,” she said. “As we go along, and they are trying new vegetables every week, they are typically asking for extra vegetables by the final week. That is the coolest thing to me.”

Food Banks

In addition to teaching Body Quest, Shealy works regularly with the All Saints Interfaith Center of Concern in Anniston, Alabama.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, she would prepare a Live Well Alabama recipe in her office, then take it to the food bank and provide samples to food bank clients. Shealy would also provide a recipe card and tip sheet to clients in a food bag prepared by the food bank.

“I would give them a recipe that I knew would use many of the foods they were getting from the food bank,” Shealy said. “That way, they could go home and have something delicious to cook with the food they just got.”

Additionally, Shealy said the Anniston food bank serves many individuals within the homeless population. She would be sure to have a few Live Well Alabama recipe cards available that don’t require cooking so she could accommodate that specific audience.

To contact Shealy, SNAP-Ed educator in Calhoun County, call (256) 237-1621 or email her at kms0139@aces.edu.

To find more success stories about SNAP-Ed educators, visit LiveWellAlabama.com.

Kayla Shealy

Kayla Shealy, SNAP-Ed Educator in Calhoun County.

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