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Roles and responsibilities of each 4-H club officer are outlined below. Each role is important for conducting a 4-H Club meeting.


  1. Make sure that the place where the meeting will be held is clean and neat.
  2. Discuss club problems and plans with other officers and your club leader.
  3. Contact officers before each meeting and remind them of their responsibilities.
  4. Use the simple rules of parliamentary procedure to conduct each meeting. If you have questions about the rules of parliamentary procedure, ask your club leader to help you.
  5. Call 4-H meetings to order and preside at the meetings.
  6. Act as a connection between the club members, the club leader, and the county agent.
  7. Appoint committees.


  1. Preside at meetings if the club president is absent.
  2. Become familiar with the duties of the president.
  3. Chair or lead the program committee.
  4. Lead the Pledge of Allegiance and the 4-H Pledge at each meeting.


  1. Keep an accurate record of 4-H club members. This includes keeping an up-to-date list of member names, addresses, attendance, and projects.
  2. Call the roll at the request of the president, and check the attendance record sheet.
  3. Keep accurate minutes of each meeting.
  4. Read the minutes of the last meeting when the president calls for them, ask for any corrections, and make corrections given by members.
  5. Assist the club reporter in writing articles.
  6. Preside at the meeting in the absence of both the president and the vice-president.


  1. Keep accurate records of club money.
  2. Work with the county Extension office.
  3. Prepare a treasurer’s report to hand out and report when the president calls for the report. Ask for any corrections and make any corrections given by members.

Recreation Leader

  1. Check with the president to determine how much time is allowed on the program for ice-breakers or activities.
  2. Select ice-breakers or activities before the meeting starts that can be completed in the length of time allowed on the program.

Club Reporter

  1. Take notes during club meetings, activities, and events for use in publicizing information about the club.
  2. Compare your notes with those of the club secretary to make sure the details are accurate.
  3. Report information about the club’s activities and events and the accomplishments of club members and leaders.
  4. Take pictures, if possible, of the club’s activities and events. Include club members and leaders in the pictures. Send these along with the information reported to your 4-H regional Extension agent or county Extension office.


There may be several committees or as few as one or two. The number of committees needed to carry out the work of your 4-H club will be determined by the size of the club, the type of club, and the projects adopted by the club. Program Committee plans and arranges for a program at each meeting.

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