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Alabama 4-H Citizenship Washington Focus; image of US Capitol

June 5–10, 2022

Deadline: January 17, 2022


What Is Citizenship Washington Focus?

Citizenship Washington Focus (CWF) is a week-long 4-H citizenship program for youth ages 14–18. The Hyatt Regency Bethesda will serve as the home for CWF 2022. Located in downtown Bethesda, Maryland, the Hyatt Regency Bethesda is adjacent to the Bethesda metro station, offering convenient and affordable access to many of Washington DC’s landmarks, along with shopping, dining, and outdoor activities all within walking distance.

Every summer, thousands of young people participate in the program, which provides opportunities for them to do the following:

  • strengthen their communication, leadership, and citizenship skills on a national level
  • understand the importance of civic and social responsibilities as they relate to the development of better citizens and leaders
  • exchange ideas, practice respect, and form friendships with other youth from diverse backgrounds
  • experience hands-on learning using the historical backdrop of Washington, DC

CWF Participants Enjoy…

  • a behind-the-scenes look at our nation’s capital and the chance to meet members of Congress
  • motivational speakers, educational workshops, and assemblies that increase individual commitment to citizen involvement and build lifetime skills for success
  • activities that encourage new and lasting friendships
  • an enthusiastic staff of young adults who work directly with them

Participants are immersed in the culture and history of Washington through on-site workshops at its most spectacular sights. Destinations include, but are not limited to the following:

  • The Capitol
  • Mount Vernon
  • Arlington National Cemetery
  • Presidential and war monuments and memorials
  • Smithsonian museums

How Much?

  • $600.00 (total)
  • $100.00 nonrefundable deposit due with application by January 17, 2022 (if you are not selected, your deposit will be refunded)
  • $500.00 balance due by March 1, 2022 (payments can be made between December and March)

2022 Alabama Application Requirements

  • Applicants must be Senior Level 4-H (14–18 years of age) members.
  • The application for the 2022 CWF must be received in its entirety by January 17, 2022, through 4HOnline. The following pieces are part of that application process:
    • 4HOnline Application
    • My 4-H Story
    • Two reference letters, including one from Extension staff. The piece should be saved as PDFs and uploaded into 4HOnline. (Please see guidelines below.)

My 4-H Story Format Guidelines

  • Two options are available. You may choose one.
    1. A 3-minute video recording. The video must be uploaded to Box. The Box link will be provided in 4HOnline.
    2. A 3-minute, self-playing Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. The PowerPoint must be uploaded to Box. The Box link will be provided in 4HOnline.

My 4-H Story Content Guidelines

  • Part I, Introduction: Introduce yourself. Include your interests. Tell why you joined 4-H and about your 4-H Club experience.
  • Part II, Leadership Achievement: Your 4-H story should give evidence of leadership, growth in your 4-H project, degree of involvement, cooperation, honesty, responsibility, and good judgment. Describe how 4-H helped you become a leader.
  • Part III, Service and Citizenship Achievement: Your 4-H story should give evidence of you helping others in the community.
  • Part IV, 4-H Project Achievement: A good 4-H story talks about your triumphs and setbacks, challenges and opportunities, and any obstacles you experienced and how you overcame them. The focus should not be on prizes you have won, but on how your work has affected you as a person.

Guidelines For Letters of Reference

  • Two letters of reference are required.
  • One letter should be from an Extension staff member (4-H FREA, CEC, CEA, or 4-HAA).
  • Letters are not to be from family members.
  • A good letter of reference is one that supports your achievements, skills, and service within 4-H. Save this document as a PDF and upload into 4HOnline.

The decision of the selection committee is final. Delegates will be selected and announced by February 14, 2022.

If you have any questions, please contact Joy Scott at maxwesj@aces.edu or at (205) 612-2790.


Joy Scott, Extension Specialist, 4-H and Youth Development, Auburn University

Revised November 2021, Citizenship Washington Focus, 4HYD-2267

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