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Master Gardener Logo Guidelines

A New Set of Garden Tools

These guidelines help give uniformity, consistency, and integrity to the identity and image of the Alabama Cooperative Extension System and Alabama Master Gardeners. These guidelines should be adhered to for all applications using this logo.

Where to Plant

The MG logo should be prominently displayed at Extension-sponsored or co-sponsored events. Doing so promotes the relationship between the MG community and Extension. The full-color Extension logo should appear in conjunction as often as possible. The Alabama Master Gardener name and emblems should not be used by commercial vendors or for private endorsement.

Know Your Varieties

Below and to the right are official Alabama Master Gardener logos. These logos should be prominently displayed on all official Alabama Extension documentation and products (digital and print).

Tending a Proper Garden

The MG logo fonts/lettering may not be altered. Master Gardener Logo Fonts:

  • Motter Corpus Std Semicondensed
  • Helvetica Neue LT Std 87 Heavy Condensed

Alabama Master Gardeners logo text and style

Know Pests and How to Avoid Them

The MG logo may appear in one color only if a single color media is used. The MG logo should be used in its entirety. At no time should it be

  • condensed
  • extended
  • stretched
  • rearranged
  • disassembled
  • positioned vertically, diagonally, or upside down
  • otherwise altered with the exception of embroidery and color options

Cross Pollination

The MG logo should be surrounded by ample white space (blank field). This helps the logo stand out, detach from surrounding visual elements, and emphasize the MG brand.

  • Do not allow logos to run off or be placed too near the edges of a page or printed surface.
  • Do not allow text, graphics, or other logos to run over, behind, or touch the MG logo.
  • Do not place the logo on surfaces that distract or disguise.
  • Do not place the logo on similarly colored backgrounds.

Personalize your Master Gardener apparel to showcase your local association.

Work Together For a Better Harvest

The Master Gardener logo may be used in conjunction with other programs, partnerships, institutions, and other supporting organizations. The MG logo should be given prominence consistent with the role of the relationship.

Proper and consistent use of the MG logo brands it as an important part of the Alabama Extension mission, network, and outreach efforts. It builds brand loyalty and trust.

Alabama Master Gardeners Are Ready to Grow

A properly used logo can become a symbol of quality, knowledge, friendship, partnership, and community. Questions about usage should be addressed to Kerry Smith, State MG Program Coordinator, at smithkp@aces.edu.

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