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AUBURN UNIVERSITY, Ala. – Vegetable crops can provide a rewarding bounty upon harvest, but they require a bit of work before that point. Managing vegetable crops requires time, effort and knowledge in order to ensure the best harvest. The 2021 Southeastern U.S. Vegetable Crop Handbook is an all-encompassing guide to help grow the best crop.

About the Handbook

The 2021 Southeastern Vegetable Crop Handbook boasts expertise from Extension specialists and researchers from 12 land grant universities. These contributors represent a wide array of disciplines including entomology, agricultural engineering, olericulture (vegetable production), soil science, plant pathology, postharvest physiology and weed science.

“This handbook is a great example of professionals in the southeast working collaboratively,” said Mike Phillips, association dean of the Alabama Cooperative Extension System. “Joe Kemble, our Extension vegetable specialist, contributed to and edited the educational handbook.”

This 22nd edition of the handbook is in partnership with Great American Media and Vegetable Growers News. The key idea of the handbook is to provide growers with a practical and convenient resource that is easily accessible.

Handbook Content

Four Alabama Extension specialists are contributors to this year’s handbook: Steve Li, weed scientist; Ayanava Majumdar, entomologist, Ed Sikora, plant pathologist and Joe Kemble, vegetable specialist.

The handbook contains a variety of information ranging from soil pests to chemical weed and disease control.

“It contains information that you need to manage your vegetable crops, including which varieties to plant, planting dates, fertilizer recommendations, cover crop selection and conservation tillage options, pesticide selection, grafting, fertigation, plasticulture, postharvest handling, alternative pest management tools and suggestions,” the Southeastern Vegetable Extension Workers Group said of the handbook.

The handbook is comprised of information developed from Extension projects and research in the southeastern United States.

More Information

For more information on the 2021 Southeastern Vegetable Crop Handbook, visit www.aces.edu or access the handbook online here.

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