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Residential rainwater harvesting process showing a rain gutter with water flowing into a rain barrel.

Resource for all ages and all learning levels from novice to professional. Sustainable practices to manage landscapes, urban gardens, and home pests.

What is Home Grounds?

  • The Home Grounds program provides urban residents and small-scale farmers with sustainable practices to manage landscaping, urban gardening, and home pests.
  • Home Grounds has six components to focus learning from water conservation to modern agricultural practices that impact food selection.
  • Home Grounds sessions are flexible and can be modified based on length of time available and intended audience.
  • Single lessons or series can be reserved for school-aged children, adults, residents, and professionals.

Home Grounds Components

The Home Grounds Program consists of six different components that can be mixed and matched to create a large program series or taken individually depending on interest: Food Facts, Home *A* Syst, STEM in the Garden, Urban Gardens, Urban Green, Water Wheels, and What’s Bugging You.

Scientist in a greenhouse looking over seedling progress

Food Facts

The Food Facts component provides researched-based information on genetically modified organisms (GMOs), modern agricultural practices, food development, and testing to help communities make wise food choices based on scientific facts. Click for more info

Small single-family home

Home *A* Syst

The Home*A*Syst component provides risk-assessment education to homeowners to increase knowledge of household hazards like pesticides and cleaning chemicals that adversely impact the environment. In addition, crime risks are tackled by using innovative landscaping practicesClick for more info

Group of school-age children planting a community raised bed garden

 STEM in the Garden

Coming 2019

Crate of fresh picked garden produce

Urban Gardens

The Urban Gardens component increases the intake of local fresh fruits and vegetables to improve nutrition, raises awareness about GMOs and educates communities about economical gardening in urban spaces. Extension agents are ready to work with individuals, community groups, and organizations on the development of sustainable gardens that conserve water and provide sustainable food sources.  Click for more info

Rainwater flows from drainspout into rainwater collection barrel

Urban Green

The Urban Green component introduces sustainable landscaping management practices, including green space development, by revitalizing downtown areas and improving the utilization of urban spaces for community aesthetics and health. Click for more info

Side view of the exterior of the large trailer that is the mobile water wheels conservation laboratory.

Water Wheels

Water Wheels is a 36-foot mobile water conservation laboratory. This mobile lab is available to travel all over Alabama bringing conservation learning in the form of fun activities, gaming computers and a 3-D water conservation game: “Water You Doing.” Click for more info

Close-up view of an ant

What’s Bugging You

Coming 2019

Contact Us

Contact the nearest Urban Extension agent below for more Home Grounds information. Don’t worry if your county isn’t listed, Alabama Extension serves all 67 Alabama counties. Our agents work within a network, providing education opportunities to surrounding areas.

State Office

Alabama A&M University

Dr. Rudy Pacumbaba
Office: (256) 372-2466
Email: op0001@aces.edu

Urban Centers

Calhoun County Extension Office

Hayes Jackson
Office: (256) 237-1621
Email: jacksha@aces.edu

Jefferson County Extension Office

Sallie Lee
Office: (205) 879-6964
Email: leesall@aces.edu 

Madison County Extension Office

Marcus Garner
Office: (256) 532-1578
Email: mlg0005@aces.edu

Mobile County Extension Office

Jack Lecroy
Office: (256) 574-8445
Email: jml0003@aces.edu

Montgomery County Extension Office

Roosevelt Robinson
Office: (334) 270-4133
Email: robinrl@aces.edu

Morgan County Extension Office

Allyson Shabel
Office: (256) 974-2468
Email: ams0137@aces.edu

Wheelbarrow full of mulch beside a residential front flower bed full of hosta plants.

Alabama Extension. More in our cities

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