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The Raising Trees Webinar series is a weekly, one-hour webinar that discusses topics related to caring for a landscape’s most valuable resource, trees. Each of these webinars can be counted as one ISA Continuing Education Credit.

Dates and Topics

Each weekly webinar is free to attend and will start at Noon CST. The webinars are presented through Zoom, an online video presentation format.


September 3 – New Invasive Pest in Alabama: A Guide to Identification & Management of Hemlock Woolly Adelgid

Beau Brodbeck, Alabama Extension specialist in community forestry and arboriculture

Hemlock woolly adelgid, an invasive and damaging pest to hemlock trees, was identified in Alabama in June 2020. This presentation will introduce audiences to the pest by reviewing identification and management strategies.




September 10 – Tasty Trees, Shrubs, and Plants That Create Habitat in Landscapes

Jack Rowe, Alabama Extension regional agent

The average low maintenance landscape is a sort of green desert. From pollinators to people, landscapes can do more than just look neat and clean.




September 17 – Benefits of Tree Growth Regulators

Patrick Anderson, arborologist with Rainbow Treecare Scientific Advancements

Reducing the amount of top growth a tree puts on in a season can be beneficial from an aesthetic and pruning labor standpoint. Modern tree growth regulators offer a host of secondary health benefits that improve a plant’s chances of surviving in our urbanized ecosystems. These include increased drought resistance and disease resistance. During this discussion we will present the science of how tree growth regulators augment plants, plus discuss the advantages and pitfalls of their use. By the end of this talk attendees should have a better understanding of how tree growth regulators work, and their use as a tool in the landscape.




September 24 – The Role of Public Gardens and Arboreta in Communities

Harvey Cotton, a garden writer, designer and consultant

Public gardens and arboreta hold an important place within communities as a place for respite, rejuvenation, education and beauty. This webinar will explore how gardens are formed, the primary functions of gardens, and how they are an integral part of a thriving community.




More Information

For more information about the Raising Trees Webinar Series, contact Beau Brodbeck at brodbam@auburn.edu or at 251-259-6507.

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