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The Peanut IPM Slide Chart is a critical tool for peanut producers, crop consultants, ag retailers, and pesticide dealers in Alabama. This slide chart provides information about pest identification and scouting methods, insecticide choices and application rates, and much more for a quick-reference. To order the slide chart by mail, please contact Dr. Ayanava Majumdar by email at azm0024@aces.edu or by contacting an Agronomic Crops Regional Extension Agent near you.



*This is an excerpt from Sucking Pests of Peanuts in Alabama, ANR-0990.

Aphids have not been an economic problem on peanuts in recent years. These soft-bodied insects are often called “plant lice” and feed by sucking the juices from foliage. They may be yellow, dark green, or black in color, and are approximately 1/4 inch long with an oval shaped body. Feeding aphids secrete a sticky substance on plants called “honey dew”. A black fungus often grows on the honey dew causing the affected plants to turn black or greasy looking. Aphid feeding usually occurs in early to mid-season.

In Alabama, aphid damage to peanuts is seldom severe enough to warrant controls. Beneficial insects will usually control aphids effectively.

Read here to learn more about sucking pests of peanuts in Alabama.


The Home and Market Garden (Urban Farm) IPM Toolkit wheel slide chart is a great tool for urban farmers as well as home and community gardeners interested in vegetable production.

This wheel slide chart has both conventional and organic insecticide listings for nearly 20 different crops. It also has a listing of common insect pests with accompanying images that may help when scouting in garden vegetables.

To receive copy of this wheel slide chart, email Ayanava Majumdar at azm0024@aces.edu.

For growers or gardeners that are looking for organic only options, refer to the Alternative Vegetable IPM Recommendations Slide Chart, which describes the three levels of sustainable integrated pest management practices.

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