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High Tunnel

Pest prevention is a critical tactic for specialty crop producers. The HTPE system is aimed at reducing the entry of large insect pests and has worked really well to stop leaffooted bugs, stink bugs, armyworms, loopers, and hornworms. Check out the videos and the publications below for details. Producer experiences are also included in the videos. If possible, please contact Dr. A (251-331-8416) for more information before deciding exclusion fabric. Producers in Alabama should contact a Commercial Horticulture Regional Extension Agent for identifying pest issues correctly and then developing an IPM plan. To visit the High Tunnel Pest Exclusion website on Southern SARE, click here. Many thanks to Southern SARE program for funding research and producer participation in demonstration activities.

This video provides basic information about a pest exclusion system using shade cloths that is suitable for high tunnel vegetable producers. The video also has producer testimonials showing the usefulness of this IPM tactic. 




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