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This is an excerpt from the Live Well in Alabama FY18 Annual Report

Through a partnership with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Alabama Extension, ALProHealth ignited grassroots efforts to transform the culture of rural Alabama. Alabama Preventing and Reducing Obesity: Helping Engage Alabamians for Long-Term Health (ALProHealth) aims to prevent and reduce obesity by supporting community coalitions in creating healthier communities. The goal of CDC ALProHealth is to foster healthy lifestyles in 14 counties with adult obesity rates greater than 40%. A key aspect of community coalitions is the value-added of SNAP-Ed educators. The long-standing, respected county relationships these educators bring to the coalitions has propelled this initiative.


  • Partnered to support six community gardens through supplies and education on gardening and healthy eating
  • Provided nutrient-rich produce to 1,950 citizens by having 40 garden champion volunteers: Bruceville Community, High Log Community, Merritt Community Complex, Mt. Sinai Church, Peachburg Circuit & Wayman Chapel, Union Springs Elementary

Farmers Market

  • Established board of directors and by-laws
  • Partnered with a local business and the City of Union Springs to obtain and prepare a new, centrally located site
  • Constructed produce stands


  • Partnered with Extension’s SNAP-Ed educator to teach healthy eating to youth
  • Implemented Body Quest, an innovative childhood prevention initiative of Extension’s SNAP-Ed that empowered 120 third-graders and 85 parents


  • Displayed three messages to encourage Alabamians to eat more fruits and vegetables, move more, and choose water instead of sugary beverages during a 12-week campaign; 1 billboard made 478,800 impressions on Bullock County residents

Parks and Trails

  • Collaborated with the City of Union Springs and Corps of Engineers to install two footbridges to increase access to and length of the trail
  • Extended the park trail at Union Springs Trails from ¼ mile to ½ mile
  • Installed outdoor physical activity equipment and updated playground equipment at Union Springs Trails
  • Installed and updated playgroup equipment at Harris Recreational Park

Healthy Retail

  • Adopted the Good Choice initiative, a partnership between the Alabama Department of Public Health and SNAP-Ed, to promote healthier items in a locally owned grocery store
  • Provided signage and point-of-purchase displays to increase appeal of healthy foods at a local grocery store

The Bullock County Coalition

The Bullock county Coalition collaborates across public and private sectors to make the healthy choice the easy choice for the 10,000 citizens. The Coalition prioritized improvements at Bullock County parks and trails to increase access to and appeal of physical activity for the entire family. Coalition efforts also increased availability and appeal of healthy food by collaborating with food retail outlets, farmers markets, and gardens. Direct education and social marketing compliment these community enhancements.

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