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Elementary age students are working in school garden, and planting vegetables. Community gardens grow opportunities.

Gardens have the potential to increase access to healthy foods and opportunities for physical activity thereby reducing rates of chronic diseases. Live Well Alabama partners with garden efforts in communities, early childcare centers, elementary schools and high schools, emergency food assistance sites, healthcare systems, housing districts for limited resource families and seniors, and summer camps.

These partnerships resulted in establishing new gardens, reinvigorating current gardens and maintaining existing garden efforts. Produce is distributed across multiple avenues, including provision to residents or volunteers, preparation for individuals served by the setting and donation to emergency food assistance sites.

In 2017, Live Well Alabama sustained 27 gardens in 20 Alabama counties providing access to healthy foods for more than 4,000 residents. These initiatives included the following:

  • 7 communities
  • 3 early childcare centers
  • 1 emergency food assistance site
  • 2 faith communities
  • 1 healthcare system
  • 2 housing districts
  • 9 schools
  • 1 summer camp
  • 1 worksite

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