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Sherita Hale, a SNAP-Ed educator in Sumter and Pickens counties, is hearing stories from members of a Live Well Faith Community in Sumter County, where she provided the Live Well Faith Communities series class. Hale said members of a faith community in Livingston, Alabama, are taking the lessons to heart.

Food Safety

An example is one member who enjoyed a particular lesson about food safety. The lesson detailed how to clean the cooking space, safe food temperatures and how to defrost in a safe manner.

Hale said members of the congregation have learned they don’t have to purchase special cleaners to keep a kitchen clean. She’s teaching members the basics to maintain a safe kitchen for cooking. Additionally, Hale has provided members with quick and easy Live Well Alabama recipes for nutritious dinners.

Making Plans

The Live Well Faith Communities classes also teach faith communities about planning their meals, making a shopping plan at the grocery store, the importance of fruits and vegetables and making healthy beverage choices. 

Additionally, Hale provided simple ways to exercise without having to purchase a gym membership.

One of Hale’s favorite activities to educate on the importance of planning and list making.  She said this ensures families stretch their food dollars and make healthy food decisions.

“When you go to the store, stay focused on what’s on your list and don’t stray,” she said. “Then, when you come home, cook the food you purchased at the store, which should be on your meal plan for the week.”

Hale said the lessons started at one church in Sumter County, but it also involves adults and children outside of the congregation.

To contact Hale, SNAP-Ed educator in Sumter and Pickens counties, call (205) 652-9501 or email her at srh0068@aces.edu.

To find more success stories about SNAP-Ed educators, visit LiveWellAlabama.com.

Sherita Hale

Sherita Hale, SNAP-Ed Educator in Sumter and Pickens counties.

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