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Gladys Blythe makes personal connections with her SNAP-Ed audience. Sometimes, those connections from the past come back as a pleasant surprise for the Perry and Dallas County SNAP-Ed educator.

Back In Time

About four years ago, Blythe was conducting programming in Marion, Alabama, about saving money on food while still eating healthy.

Specifically, while talking about making six meals from one chicken, Blythe said one man in the crowd  said it wasn’t possible for one chicken to stretch for several meals. He said he ate one whole chicken during one sitting.

The educator provided education to the man about portion control and stretching his food for several meals. She said this will help develop healthy eating habits and save his family money. She also provided education about planning meals, making a shopping list around grocery store specials, and cooking the food on the list once at home.

Blast From The Past

This past year, Blythe ran into the man once again and noticed significant weight loss. The man expressed gratitude toward Blythe for education, which started him down the path of a healthier lifestyle.

Additionally, he said his wife now used the teaching tool “How to Make 6 Meals from 1 Chicken” and other SNAP-Ed techniques to make meals go further and putting more money in their bank account.

“It is rewarding to know that when we are providing education to the public, something is getting through — even if it’s not immediate,” Blythe said. “I enjoy being able to help anybody I can in all situations.”

Blythe has also made connections with other individuals by planning shopping trips by using coupons and grocery store sales.

To contact Blythe, SNAP-Ed educator in Dallas and Perry counties, call (334) 875-3200 or email him at blythgl@aces.edu.

To find more success stories about SNAP-Ed educators, visit LiveWellAlabama.com.

Gladys Blythe

Gladys Blythe, SNAP-Ed Educator in Perry and Dallas counties.


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