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A great way to lend a helping hand is by video chatting other to check on them.

AUBURN UNIVERSITY, Ala. – The world is facing unprecedented times with the coronavirus outbreak. In times like this, family, friends and neighbors often look to each other for help and support. Even with social distancing measures in place, there are still ways people can lend a helping hand.

Emily Hines, an Alabama Extension human sciences regional agent, said people have found ways to step up and support each other.

“There are several things people can do to help support someone right now,” Hines said. “Simple things such as picking up groceries or even just giving words of encouragement through phone calls or social media can be a big help for a lot of people.”

Connecting through social media is a great way to communicate with one another. This also allows larger groups of people to connect and support each other. Also, through most smart phones and tablets there is a video chat option. This is not only a great way to visit with people far away, but also a good opportunity for families who may be quarantined in the same town.

Barb Struempler, Alabama Extension assistant director of human sciences, said there are many groups of people who could use support of some kind.

“In addition to the elderly and other vulnerable groups, there are other people who may need support.” Struempler said. “These groups include parents of small children, people who can’t leave the house, and those who may be struggling financially.”

Social Distancing

Looking out for each other is always great, but this kind of support is pointless if proper social distancing guidelines are not followed.

“It is important to follow the guidance that the CDC and medical professionals are providing,” Struempler said. “It is a great thing to want to help someone, but you must follow precautions in order to keep everyone safe and healthy.”

Before purchasing and taking items to other people, it is also a good idea for people to wash their hands. Also, to further reduce the risk of exposure, leave the items by the door to avoid face-to-face contact.

More Information

The Alabama Extension website has many resources dealing with coronavirus. Visit www.aces.edu to read the latest updates on facing the COVID-19 outbreak.

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