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On May 21, 2020, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey issued an amended Safer at Home order. It allows athletic activities, educational institutions, childcare facilities, summer camps, and certain entertainment venues (arcades, theaters, bowling alleys) to open with limitations.

The entertainment venues are to comply with the following rules:

Social distancing. Employees shall not knowingly allow patrons or guests to congregate within 6 feet of a person from another household. Employees shall take reasonable steps to prevent people from congregating in lobby areas, break rooms, and other common areas.

Emergency maximum occupancy rate. Indoor and enclosed entertainment venues shall limit occupancy to 50 percent of the normal occupancy load as determined by the fire marshal. Outdoor venues or those not assigned a normal occupancy load by the fire marshal shall limit occupancy as required to comply with the social distancing requirements of this paragraph.

Facial coverings. Each employee shall wear a mask or other facial covering that covers his or her nostrils and mouth at all times while in regular interaction with clients or guests.

Sanitation. An entertainment venue shall take reasonable steps, where practicable, to regularly disinfect frequently used items and surfaces.

In this context, the term “entertainment venue” includes bowling alleys, arcades, concert venues, theaters, auditoriums, performing centers, tourist attractions (including museums and planetariums), racetracks, commercial or public playgrounds, adult entertainment venues, casinos, and bingo halls. “Entertainment venue” does not include playgrounds operated by educational institutions and child day care facilities. “Entertainment venue” also does not include nightclubs. In addition to complying with the requirements of this paragraph, entertainment venues are strongly encouraged to read and implement the Alabama Department of Public Health’s “Guidelines for Entertainment Venues and Tourist Attractions.”

Learn more about the revised Safer at Home order in an overview, Proceeding with Caution, Updated Statewide COVID-19 Health Order for Alabama.

Governor Ivey also issued a proclamation regarding the April 3 order that protects against residential evictions and foreclosures. Under the new order, those protections end June 1, 2020.

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