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Young interracial family

AUBURN UNIVERSITY, Ala. – The Alabama Cooperative Extension System has the privilege of assisting Alabamians through a range of topics from agriculture to home life. The eight topics highlighted on the Extension website provide readily available, research-based information to farmers, families, businesspeople and gardeners across the state.

As one of the eight topics, the teams under the Home and Family umbrella provide practical information to improve the lifestyles of Alabamians. Using research-backed information, they pour into individuals and families to help them thrive.

Home and Family

According to Alabama Extension Human Sciences Regional Agent Christina LeVert, the home and family department includes numerous facets: breastfeeding, nutrition, health, parenting and financial planning.

“We help individuals and families improve their lives,” LeVert said. “We provide them with the knowledge and tools necessary to advance their health and wellness.”

While there are many facets of the team, LeVert specializes in providing programs including  breastfeeding and diabetes throughout the community. She writes articles and creates resources on these topics for individuals to access online.

Working with the financial resource management and workforce development team within home and family, Emily Hines diligently works to assist Alabamians with their finances.

“Finances can result in stress,” Hines said. “The financial wellbeing of the family unit plays a vital role in the health and wellbeing of each family member.”

As associate dean and assistant director of the home and family team, Barb Struempler oversees all programming and educational operations. Whatever a home or family may need, Struempler and the team are equipped with the information to tackle it.

Grow Closer, Happier and Healthier

“Every day I get to help Alabamians lead better lives, be work and career ready, build strong families and make meaningful contributions to our communities,” Struempler said.

As Struempler spoke of her work, she reminisced on the importance of spending quality time as a family. Some of her favorite memories from childhood are the times spent with her family, especially her mother.

Not only are the resources beneficial, but so is the simple act of family time.

Aided by resources from Extension’s home and family team, Struempler hopes families continue to grow closer, happier and healthier.

More Information

For more information and resources, visit the Home & Family tab on the Alabama Extension website, www.aces.edu.

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