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Alabama Extension specializes in family and child development efforts that use multidisciplinary approaches to promote healthy people, strong families, and elevated communities. With on-campus and field-staff resources, research- based and sequence programs, we deliver information, tools, and skill development opportunities to address issues across the life span. These efforts are affiliated with Human Sciences Extension in the College of Human Sciences at Auburn University.


5th to 12th Graders

Description: Escape Vapes is a program designed to prevent and reduce adolescent use of electronic cigarettes. The three-session series is used to increase knowledge about the health risks of vaping and increase adolescents’ confidence and ability to abstain.

2019 Impact: 4,474 young people in grades 5 through 12 participated in Escape Vapes. At least 65 percent increased their knowledge of nicotine and JUULing. Youth also increased in their understanding of the long-term effects of vaping and how JUULs are harmful to their overall health. Most importantly, one third reported an increase in their confidence to avoid nicotine products. In 2020, an additional program component will be available for adult audiences.

BE SAFE (Safe, Affirming, Fair Environments)

6th to 12th Graders

Description: Be SAFE is a five-session bullying prevention program aimed to help youth understand bullying and foster positive social and emotional development. Reflective and role-playing activities are implemented to help youth understand the effects of bullying, positive relationships, and how to be an ally to others who are being bullied.

2019 Impact: Youth between 6th and 12th grades indicated an approximately 15 percent reduction in bullying behaviors overall. There was a 20 percent decrease in cheering when someone was beating up another student and joining in when students were teasing other students. More importantly, there was a 23 percent decrease in youth standing by and watching other students who were being bullied.


Description: Tuning in to Kids is a six-session, evidence-based emotion coaching program that teaches caregivers and parents to recognize and support the development of appropriate emotional and social skills in young children.

2019 Impact. Tuning in to Kids has been found to be effective in helping parents and caregivers improve communication. Tuning in to Kids will be available in 2020.


Description: More than 60 specific parenting programs are available through the Family and Child Development team. Regionally specific programs include Strengthening Families, PROSPER, The Whole Parent, and Parenting 101.

2019 Impact: More than 2,500 families and parents participated in series programs. Human Sciences Extension agents also collaborated with Alabama’s Kids ‘n Kin outreach, a supportive program for adults and grandparents who are caring for other family members’ children. Youth health and wellness programs and child-caregiver trainings are also available.


Description: The Staying Connected Initiative for Incarcerated Fathers helps fathers maintain or develop
a relationship with their children and improve child well being. The program uses the 24/7 Dad curriculum in six sessions. This evidence-based program helps fathers develop self-awareness and parenting and relationship skills. It also helps them care for themselves.

2019 Impact: Among the fathers participating in the pilot program, communication, involvement, and positive coparenting practices improved. More programs are expected to be implemented in more correctional facilities in 2020.


Download a PDF of Family and Child Development Impact Report 2019, FCS-2435. 

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