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Among the numerous precautions being taken to protect people from the coronavirus (COVID-19) is the closing of schools. These school closings can leave the average teenager thinking, No school! No social gatherings! You got to be kidding!

While everyone is expected to respect the request for social distancing to prevent the spread of the virus, students can find interesting ways to keep busy. Before considering the following ideas, students should remember their responsibility to complete daily school assignments.

  • Spend time improving in challenging subjects. Practice math problems to sharpen your skills. You may need to improve your understanding of certain math applications. You can also put in extra work in subjects in which you may have had low performance.
  • Search for scholarships. If you are a high school senior, consider conducting a scholarship search. Look for opportunities to obtain money for college.
  • Study for the ACT or SAT. High school students in the ninth through twelfth grades should consider practicing for the ACT or the SAT to increase your chance of scoring higher.
  • Dream More. Make a list of things that you wish to accomplish in the next five years. This is called goal setting. Start with prioritizing the goals that you would like to achieve this year and so forth. Setting goals makes it more likely to achieve them.
  • Write a letter or make a phone call. Take time to write a letter to a family member or friend whom you haven’t seen or talked to in a while. It would be a pleasant surprise for the person receiving the letter or phone call.
  • Play family games. Pull out the board or card games to play with your family or go outside to play basketball or other sports. Make sure you play at home and not at a public park. This could be a well-spent time with family. These activities can create lasting memories for a lifetime.
  • Take a Brisk Walk. Think about going for a walk in your community. It will be a chance to breathe fresh air and clear your mind. And the sunlight will possibly put you in a positive mood.
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