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In some instances, when someone has used a tax preparer in the past and taken out a loan based on their refund, the preparer puts in their bank information. Because of this, the Internal Revenue Service is sending the $1,200.00 stimulus payment to the tax preparer’s account instead of the taxpayer.

To correct this problem, the IRS has put in a new site to help people enter the correct bank information. This may cause a significant delay in these people getting access to these funds.

Also, there are those who are “under-banked” and they may also be delayed getting the funds. Without a current bank account, they will have to receive their funds through a check instead of via direct deposit. The IRS website also includes an area for those who have not filed a 2018 or 2019 return to put in their banking information so they can receive their payment.

The web site is: .

If a person has been laid off from their job, if their hours have been reduced, or if they are on furlough due to the COVID-19 pandemic they are eligible to file for unemployment benefits with the State of Alabama.  There are two ways to sign up for unemployment benefits in the State of Alabama; either online at or by phone at 1-866-234-5382.

The site listed below will give you the information needed to file a claim for unemployment benefits.

The Home and Market Garden (Urban Farm) IPM Toolkit wheel slide chart is a great tool for urban farmers as well as home and community gardeners interested in vegetable production.

This wheel slide chart has both conventional and organic insecticide listings for nearly 20 different crops. It also has a listing of common insect pests with accompanying images that may help when scouting in garden vegetables.

To receive copy of this wheel slide chart, email Ayanava Majumdar at

For growers or gardeners that are looking for organic only options, refer to the Alternative Vegetable IPM Recommendations Slide Chart, which describes the three levels of sustainable integrated pest management practices.

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