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An senior adult sit by a window with her cane, sad, only coins left in wallet, no dollars

Financial exploitation is a form of elder abuse that has become very widespread.  It involves the unauthorized use of a senior’s resources for personal gain. Often times perpetrators of this type of abuse are relatives, friends, acquaintances, or caregivers. Warning signs of financial exploitation of seniors are given in the video.



Content below reflects the text in the graphics of the video:

  • Seniors can fall victim to financial exploitation.
  • Here are warning signs that a senior is being exploited.
  • The senior notices items are missing like money and valuables.
  • They try to wire large amounts of money.
  • They are unable to pay their usual bills.
  • They change beneficiaries on financial documents.
  • They show fear of a particular person.
  • Report financial exploitation to, Alabama Department of Human Resources, Adult Protective Services. dhr.alabama.gov
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