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Virginia Caples Lifelong Learning Institute Fall 2021 Courses & Activities

This workshop provides general education to give participants insight into how hospice care offers resources for the emotional, physical, social, and spiritual needs of the patients and their families.

Presenter – Karen Hutto, hospice community liaison, Baptist Health Hospice

Tune in Online

When: Wednesday morning, November 10 at 10 a.m. CT

Where: Online with Zoom

Zoom Registration

Registration is required to attend this webinar series. The Zoom meeting number and link will be provided upon completion of the online registration. Visit www.aces.edu/go/VCLLIFall2021 to register.

More Information

Contact Danielle Rudolph for more information about this workshop or to learn about Virginia Caples Lifelong Learning Institute programs.

The Virginia Caples Lifelong Learning Institute (VCLLI) mission is to create and sustain a stimulating, state-of-the-art educational, social, and life-enhancing environment for senior adults. This mission is fulfilled through innovative curricula, experiential learning, and intergenerational activities. Further, the Institute engages in research and advocacy that advance its defining theme of “successful aging.”


Download a PDF of the complete VCLLI Fall 2021 Courses & Activities.

Virginia Caples Lifelong Learning Institute

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