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It can be hard to stay focused and motivated while on a journey to a healthier lifestyle. As you work towards your goals for a healthier lifestyle it can become challenging. The challenging times are when you begin to start second guessing yourself and beating yourself up over food choices. This is called negative self-talk.

Negative Self-talk

Negative self-talk can be very harmful for an individual’s overall health. Negative self-talk can be very sneaky and sometimes individuals begin to believe those negative thoughts as facts. We accept that we will never be able to live a healthier lifestyle. The very act of negative self-talk can keep us from reaching our goals. It can cause us to quit before we even start. If you constantly tell yourself that you can’t do it you will eventually believe that you can’t. What if you reversed that and began to tell yourself that you can do it. Changing your thoughts isn’t easy and it doesn’t happen overnight but the more you practice it the better you will become at stopping the negative self-talk in your head.

Here are a few tips to help you scale back on the negative self-talk and stay motivated on your journey to a healthier lifestyle:

Call it Out

As soon as you notice those negative thoughts creeping in your mind, call them out and replace them with a positive thought. A great example would be beating yourself up for eating one cookie and thinking that a healthy eating plan is ruined. Instead of focusing on the one cookie, think of how well you ate during the whole day or the whole week. Did you eat some fruits, veggies, whole grains, and protein? One cookie doesn’t take away all of that.

Write it Down

It can be really helpful to get a journal to write down your thoughts and emotions. Putting thoughts down on paper can help you get them out of your head. Usually when we see things on paper we acknowledge the positive things and let go of the negative ones. Journaling can also show how much you have accomplished toward your goals. This can really help shut down the negative self-talk.

Focus on the Good

People have the power to control what they think. Choose each day to practice focusing on the good. Choose to focus on the goals that have been accomplished. Making an intentional effort to focus on the good might feel very difficult to do but the more you practice it the better you will become at it.

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