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With the coronavirus (COVID-19) now at the top of everyone’s radar, changes are prevalent. The possibility of quarantine and the closing of some businesses place the livelihood of individuals and families in jeopardy. While individual health is of immediate concern, personal finances will be right on its heels.

The similarities between health and wealth are often overlooked. Financial instability leads to the onset of health instability. In turn, health instability leads to the onset of financial instability. Taking charge of one can be a key factor in improving the other.

COVID-19 will indeed impose stress on individuals and families. Stress can attack health in many ways, including anxiety, depression, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. These can ultimately attack finances in the form of medical expenses and additional time from work. It is important to recognize the direct correlation between health and wealth in efforts to minimize the lasting effects.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, consider these actions that can help maintain a healthy and wealthy lifestyle:

Health Action Steps

Helen Jones, Extension Human Sciences regional agent in Human Nutrition Diet and Health, offers these health action steps: incorporate consistent physical activity, read and be mindful of nutrition food labels, decrease calorie intake, and calculate body mass index.

Wealth Action Steps

A few action steps to target wealth would be to start tracking household spending or create a budget and spending plan, collect coins or pocket change in a jar, and establish automatic payments and saving options.

Try these strategies to help implement these health and wealth steps:

  • Track your current behavior. Being aware of your current behavior, both in your finances and your health, brings accountability to the successes and shortfalls. This is where change can begin.
  • Put your mind to it. Visualization of what you want to achieve is the best motivation. It is also a distraction from stress and the current situation by showing a light at the end of the tunnel.
  • Make progress every day. Do something positive every day to make a single step toward your goal. An instant overhaul is not necessary. Change comes one step at a time.
  • Think balance not sacrifice. Positive change is about tradeoffs and balance, not sacrifice. Balance the intake and outgoing.

Remember to tackle health and wealth simultaneously, just as they attack simultaneously. It’s not either/or.

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