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During the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, many people are undergoing a quarantine to decrease the chance of spreading the disease. This quarantine has left some with an inadequate way of getting food and meals. Several resources are available to help.

Grocery Stores

Many retailers have altered their hours in response to the increased risk of infection. Some chain retailers offer the option of ordering groceries online. This saves time spent in the store and helps decrease interaction with others. Small retailers may offer a call-ahead option to place a grocery order. Check with retailers in your area to see what options are available.


Many schools are providing free lunches to students. Some schools are packing lunch kits, setting up drive-throughs, or offering curbside pickup. Check with your local school to find out what options may be available.


Each business is operating differently. Some restaurants are offering curbside pickup, order- ahead options, or other forms of takeout. Some are even waiving delivery fees or providing free meals for children. Also, some restaurants are altering their hours or shutting down. Check a business’s website or social media posts to verify how to access meals.

The Buddy System

Having a buddy system in place is a great way to look out for each other during a quarantine. Connecting with your neighbors, friends, and relatives through social media, such as Facebook or the Nextdoor app, is a great way to communicate with one another. People in a buddy system can help each other with groceries, prepared meals, or even food for a pet. If you are taking food or other items to people, reduce the risk of exposure by simply leaving the item by the door.

Other Options

Nonprofit organizations, such as faith communities and food banks and pantries, are packing meal kits for those who may be in need. Other organizations that may be helping others during this time include Feeding America, United Way Worldwide, and Meals on Wheels. Check to see if these options are available in your area.

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