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Pine trees

The Forest Principles, Practices, and Stewardship for Landowners online course includes six modules that discuss basic forestry principles for landowners who want to start being more proactive with their forestland management. Through this course, participants are allowed to learn at their own pace.

Topics and Presenters

Land management professionals will present information on several topics including

  • the best forest type for your property
  • locating boundary lines and map reading
  • forest tree measurements
  • forest thinning for timber and wildlife
  • forest product markets

The following professionals will present information through the online course:

  • Adam Maggard, Extension Specialist & Assistant Professor, Alabama Cooperative Extension System, Auburn University
  • Becky Barlow, Extension Specialist & Professor, Alabama Cooperative Extension System, Auburn University
  • John Kush, Research Fellow, Auburn University
  • Arnold Brodbeck, Extension Specialist, Alabama Cooperative Extension System
  • Jim Armstrong (Retired), Extension Specialist, Professor, Alabama Cooperative Extension System, Auburn University

Field Day

To wrap up the course, there will be optional forestry field day* to be held at the Mary Olive Thomas Demonstration Forest in Auburn, Alabama. There, participants can further their knowledge with hands-on activities and interact with forestry professionals and other landowners. The field day is an additional $15 per participant, which covers snacks, lunch, activities during field day.

*The field day is dependent on COVID-19 guidelines. If guidelines allow, several field day dates will be announced at a later time.


The fee for this online course is $40, which includes the electronic notebook and course materials.

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