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AUBURN, Ala. –Alabama Extension and the Alabama State Parks are partnering to educate the public about venomous snakes in Alabama. The state parks will distribute a card that identifies venomous snakes found in Alabama to visitors at the parks throughout the state.

Dr. Gary Lemme, Alabama Cooperative Extension System director, said the goal of this partnership is to educate the people enjoying the state parks.

“This partnership between Alabama Cooperative Extension System and Alabama State Parks will allow visitors to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about identifying snakes as venomous or nonvenomous,” Lemme said. “Nonvenomous snakes are a benefit to our ecosystems and people should not kill them. Hopefully, state park guests will enjoy their time in the outdoors.”

Venomous Snake Card 

The card pictures the six venomous snakes that call Alabama home; the Eastern diamondback rattlesnake, copperhead,  cottonmouth, timber rattlesnake, pygmy rattlesnake and also the coral snake.

“We are excited about this partnership,” says Kelly Reetz, a park naturalist at the Gulf State Park. “The card will give people a resource to help them identify snakes when exploring the state parks.”

While this card identifies venomous snakes, Reetz hopes this resource will also protect nonvenomous snakes.

“All too often, nonvenomous snakes are killed because people mistake them for a venomous snake,” Reetz said. “We hope by having this card, people will gain the confidence to identify a snake first before taking further measures. This should lead to fewer harmless snakes being killed.”

More Information

For more information about Alabama State Parks, visit their website at www.alapark.com. Alabama Extension has several resources on venomous and also nonvenomous snakes.

For further information, visit Alabama Extension at www.aces.edu or contact your county Extension office.


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