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Forage Variety Test

The varieties listed below are recommended based on the results of a multi-year variety trial conducted as a collaboration among Auburn University, the University of Georgia, and the University of Florida. In order for a variety to be recommended, it must consistently demonstrate above average yields and also be readily available commercially in the 2020 – 2021 growing season. Other varieties may provide satisfactory yields, but were either not consistently above average or were not submitted to the Tri-State Small Grains Variety Trial Program.



1 More tolerant to crown rust
StatewideCoastal Plain
Horizon 306Legend 5671
Horizon 7201
RAM LA99016


StatewideCoastal Plain
AGS 2024Dyna-Gro Plantation
Pioneer 26R10
Pioneer 26R41


1 Suitable for early planting
StatewideCoastal Plain
Bates RS4FL 4011
Kelly Grazer III
Wrens Abruzzi


1Suitable for early planting
StatewideCoastal Plain
TriCal Merlin MaxTriCal 11431
TriCal 342
TriCal Surge
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