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Live Well Alabama is a Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program–Education (SNAP-Ed) initiative. The campaign was developed by the Alabama Cooperative Extension System at Auburn University. The new initiative was launched in early 2017 to better reach residents across the state with research-based education. Live Well Alabama, which focuses on nutrition and also physical activity, can now easily be found on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

“Our goal is to raise awareness of healthy lifestyle choices through the more readily accessible avenue of social media,” said Sondra Parmer, Alabama Extension nutrition specialist and program leader. “Through the campaign, we hope individuals with limited budgets will make healthy food choices and also choose physically active lifestyles.”

The initiative features educational and research-based content developed by Alabama SNAP-Ed. Alabama residents will find budget-friendly recipes; how-to videos; and also tips for nutrition, fitness and food safety, among other content as the initiative continues to grow. Innovative childhood obesity prevention measures, social marketing campaigns and also community health strategies will also be featured across the social media platforms.

Social Media Outcomes

In addition, to magnify SNAP-Ed’s impact, social media efforts will encourage four specific outcomes:

  • making better food choices
  • engaging in physical activity
  • preparing food safely
  • planning meals ahead

“With the introduction of Live Well Alabama across social media, information provided by SNAP-Ed will be more accessible for those across Alabama,” said Barb Struempler, Alabama Extension assistant director of human sciences.

To follow the initiative, visit facebook.com/livewellalabamatwitter.com/livewellalabama and also pinterest.com/livewellalabama. Contact your county Extension office for more information.

Click here to view the USDA Nondiscrimination Statement.

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