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Billboards, Live Well Alabama billboard, Move More. Grab a best friend and go for a walk.

This is an excerpt from FY20 SNAP-Ed Annual Report, FCS-2469.

Social Marketing

Using a variety of original and engaging campaign materials developed with input from the SNAP-Ed target audience, the Live Well Alabama messages to Eat Better, Move More, and Make a Change for better health reached Alabama residents in multiple ways every day.

Billboards made more than 146 million impressions. Digital advertisements made more than 8 million impressions and drove viewers to visit the Live Well Alabama Facebook page more than 13,000 times.

Social media following grew by 25 percent. Facebook alone reached more than 240,000 people. More than 6,500 people participated in text messaging campaigns. Promotional signs in schools, grocery stores, and parks and trails reminded Alabamians to Eat Better, Move More, and Choose Water wherever they went.

SNAP-Ed educators continuously spread Live Well Alabama messages and reinforced concepts through recipe demonstrations, nutrition education sessions, and food and physical activity access projects.

Making Partnerships

SNAP-Ed partnered with Altarum Institute to evaluate with a phone survey the reach and effectiveness of the billboard campaign.

The survey included 515 respondents from various Alabama counties. Survey respondents were asked questions about health views and behaviors. Responses were compared between those who were exposed and those who were not exposed to the billboard campaign.

Survey respondents who were exposed to campaign messages were more likely to take action toward better health and reported higher intakes of fruits, vegetables, and water compared to those who were not exposed to the campaign.


Download a PDF of a version of the FY20 SNAP-Ed Annual Report,FCS-2469


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