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Catfish jumping out of pond

AUBURN UNIVERSITY, Ala. – People looking for a close up experience with aquatic critters should attend the Auburn Fisheries Field Day. This event is Saturday, April 6, from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. and is free to attend.

Auburn University’s fisheries program is hosting the field day as part of the grand opening of the Fisheries Learning Center. At the event, there will be many family friendly activities suitable for all ages.

Dr. David Cline, an Alabama Extension specialist of aquatic resources, said the event is a chance for the public to see how a fisheries program operates all while having fun.

“Many people drive by the fisheries station, see the ponds and wonder, what do they do out there,” Cline said. “This is a chance for the public to learn about the important role that Auburn University and the school of fisheries, aquaculture and aquatic sciences plays in the management, protection and utilization of local, national and also global water resources.”



There are many activities at the field day for people to enjoy. Tours, opportunities to fish and demonstrations on fish filleting are just a few of the The day’s activities also include tours of the fisheries facilities and ponds, food vendors, extended fish market hours, presentations from professors and students and children friendly activities.

“The public will have the opportunity to see some of the equipment and technology use in the study and production of fish and other aquatic organisms,” Cline said. “Children can fish, with the help of knowledgeable fishermen, as well as go on a treasure hunt to win prizes. No matter the age group, there is something at the field day for everyone.”

More Information

For more information about the Auburn Fisheries Field Day, contact David Cline at clinedj@auburn.edu or (334)844-2874.

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