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Asian woman putting up on open sign.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has updated its COVID-19 Community Intervention Resources. The Community Mitigation Decision Trees offer guidelines to help businesses and community groups in their decisions to reopen.

Any community group or business that has been closed during the pandemic needs to develop a plan to reopen. This reopening plan should follow and comply with directives from Alabama Governor Kay Ivey’s office and the Alabama Department of Public Health’s guidelines.

Any community group or business must address in its plan how it intends to comply with the Alabama state guidelines and how it will have those health and safety actions in place before reopening.

Each community group or business will have to address the safety concerns of both its workers and its customers.

The health and safety measures must also have ongoing monitoring steps in place to continue until the Alabama state guidelines are changed.

For specific information, check the following guidelines from the CDC:

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