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Spraying a field.

AUBURN UNIVERSITY, Ala. – With spring planting just around the corner, row crop producers will be getting equipment and tools ready for planting. Among these tools is a group of informational recommendations related to insect and weed control.

Every year, Alabama Extension creates integrated pest management (IPM) guides for major row crops, small and stored grains, pastures and forage crops as well as many others. These guides provide information on the selection, rates, application and safe and proper use of pesticides and herbicides.

Dr. J. Mike Phillips, Alabama Extension director of agriculture, forestry and natural resources, said these are great resources for producers.

“The IPM guides combine important information into one, easy to access resource for producers,” Phillips said. “They help producers make informed decisions when it comes to insect and weed control in their crops.”

Where Do The Recommendations Come From?

Current and former Extension entomologists, plant pathologists, weed scientists and a pesticide education specialist play a part in compiling the IPM guides. The recommendations in the guides are based on research, field trials, demonstrations and also experience of the Extension professionals.

A producer’s environmental conditions and methods of application could be different from those in the trials and research. Therefore, there is no assurance that the IPM guide’s recommendations results will always be the same as a producer’s.

Apply Properly and Safely

Growers should always follow proper use and safety guidelines provided on pesticide and herbicide containers. It is important to follow all suggested application rates. Some instances where excessive residues are left behind because of improper application could be considered illegal according to state and federal regulations.

IPM Guides

To view all the 2018-2019 IPM guides, visit Alabama Extension online at www.aces.edu. For further information, contact your county Extension office.

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