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AUBURN UNIVERSITY, Ala.—Agricultural markets are shifting daily and producers need a trustworthy source for all things ag markets. Alabama Cooperative Extension System farm and agribusiness management specialists and regional agents are taking on the task of educating the masses through a new partnership with 13 southeastern states.

Alabama Extension professionals and Auburn University (AU) researchers are among the group of 13 southern land-grant university Extension programs collaborating to provide timely, concise and insightful analysis on issues facing southern agriculture through Southern Ag Today (SAT). Additional partners include the Southern Extension Economics Committee, the Agricultural and Food Policy Center at Texas A&M and the Southern Risk Management Education Center at the University of Arkansas.

About Southern Ag Today

The platform distributes a daily digital periodical featuring a short peer-reviewed article on issues affecting agriculture. The topics follow a set schedule which includes:

  • crop marketing
  • livestock marketing
  • farm management
  • agricultural policy
  • trade
  • agricultural law

SAT is the only publication of its kind — covering the entire southern agricultural region in depth and bringing diverse voices together with more than 100 contributors.

Alabama Extension Contribution

Alabama Extension Economist Adam Rabinowitz said the SAT publication was a natural fit for the farm and agribusiness management team. Since SAT was first released, 30 peer-reviewed articles have been published by members of the Alabama Extension farm and agribusiness management team and AU Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology faculty.

“SAT is an excellent outlet for easy-to-read, timely, research-based articles that are regionally relevant,” Rabinowitz said. “It allows readers access to a broader group of specialists that provide expert insight into a wide range of topics that would be difficult for any single land-grant institution to provide on a regular basis. Through this outlet, Alabama producers can find information they need to help manage risk and improve profitability in the many different aspects of agricultural production.”

Rabinowitz, who will transition to an associate professor appointment this fall in AU’s College of Agriculture’s Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology, is a topic area coordinator for SAT’s crop marketing.

Issues Affecting Agriculture

Mike Phillips, Alabama Extension director, said it is outstanding to see 13 land-grant university Extension programs establish partnerships to discuss issues.

“It is vital to assess input costs, expected selling prices, trends, etc. in managing every enterprise in the South,” Phillips said. “The value of the broadness of coverage in the South is key in that those in production agriculture today must manage to minimize risk on the farm.”

Mitt Walker, director of governmental and agricultural programs at the Alabama Farmers Federation, said SAT is an invaluable resource.

“Southern Ag Today is a great resource for farmers and anyone interested in ag policy,” Walker said. “A lot of the economic data and farm policy papers have traditionally had a Midwestern slant, so it’s really helpful to have this collaboration focused on topics specific to the Southeast.”

More Information

For more information and to sign up for free, visit https://southernagtoday.org/. Learn more about the farm and agribusiness management team and read more from them by visiting www.aces.edu and the Farm Management webpage.