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2021 Alabama Forage Conference. Save the Date. Dec 2, 2021

The Alabama Extension animal science and forages team is excited to announce the 2021 Alabama Forage Conference. This premier statewide conference is held every two years and rotates to different locations around Alabama. This year the conference will be held in northwest Alabama. Join the team for an opportunity to hear the latest information from researchers, industry representatives, and Extension professionals about forage systems management and to network with fellow producers.

Alabama Forage Conference

When: Wednesday, December 1 at 1 p.m. through December 3.

Where: A.W. Todd Center in Russellville, Alabama. For those that cannot attend in-person, the event will be live-streamed via Zoom. New to Zoom? Visit the Zoom website to watch a video that will help you prepare to attend.


Registration for the Alabama Forage Conference is $65. This includes access to the Forage Expo and the conference. For those that cannot attend in-person, the conference will be live-streamed via Zoom for a reduced cost of $35.

To register, visit the Alabama Cattlemen’s Association website or contact Leanne Dillard at alabamaforages@aces.edu or 334-707-7561.


Forage Expo

The Alabama Forage Conference will kick off with the Forage Expo December 1. The expo will include conference sponsors as well as multiple equipment demonstrations. Participants will have an opportunity to get hands-on experience with each demonstration. Experts will also be at each demonstration to help answer questions. These demonstrations will include the following:

  • grain drill and sprayer calibrations
  • baleage wrapping
  • winter and summer annual variety trials
  • an NRCS rainwater demonstration


December 2, the Alabama Forage Conference will start with a presentation by Gary Bates, director of the University of Tennessee Beef and Forage Center. There will be other speakers at the conference speaking on a variety of topics.

Speakers will include

  • Marcelo Wallau, forage Extension specialist at the University of Florida
  • Leanne Dillard, Alabama Extension forage specialist
  • Kelly Palmer, Alabama Extension animal science and forages regional agent
  • Kim Mullenix, Alabama Extension beef specialist

Topics will include

  • tall fescue Management
  • treatment of fire ants in pastures
  • bahiagrass for north Alabama
  • pasture-based heifer development

The conference will also feature an expert panel discussion to answer forage questions from producers.

Pasture Walk

In addition to the conference, organizers will host a pasture walk December 3. The pasture walk is a free event for anyone interested. However, no virtual option will be available.

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