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Alabama Extension is offering a workshop on timber tax and IRS reporting. This workshop is being offered through Zoom, an online video platform. This program has been submitted for approval for continuing education credits for accountants (5 hours), foresters (4 hours), and loggers (4 hours).

This workshop will explain the tax-related activities associated with owning and operating timber property and how to report those items to the IRS using form T and other forms. Topics for the program include the

  • acquisition of timberland and the allocation of basis between the timber and the land (Form T, Part I)
  • use of separately identifiable properties
  • calculation of depletion allowance (Form T, Part II)
  • reporting of timber sale income (Form T, Part III and Form 4797)
  • deduction of reforestation expenses (Form T, Part IV and Form 4562)
  • treatment of other expenses (Schedule F).

Dates and Registration

This workshop will be January 22, lasting from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Attendance for each date is limited and registration is required. There is a $30 registration fee.


ATTENTION: Once you register, you will receive a receipt. On this receipt there is a link that you MUST click on to finish the registration process and to get the Zoom link.

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